The little snowstorm of 2013….

It was Mia’s idea.  We were sick of Spongebob and his ignorant cowarts.  I told her to get dressed for a snow walk….

This is what she came up with……


It snowed like this back in November, 2011…minus the craptastic wind.  I looked like this…..(with 3 months to go)…..

I miss it.


I don’t even remember what it was like having only her. This was 2 years ago.  She will always be the most fearless and uninhibited kid I know…


Fast forward 2 years later……here is Mia Claire……


She talks more than any human being I have ever come into contact with.  She gets in trouble in Kindergarten, and can’t (for the ever loving life of her) remember why.  She is incredibly interested in photography, and argues and defies my every request…..because she is my child, and I wouldn’t expect it to be any other way.  Her back bone impresses the hell out of me…


Today, I shoved her into the same snow suit she wore 2 years ago.  She complained of a wedgie for about 5 minutes, and decided to suck it up.  We don’t get hand-me-down Obermeyer snowsuits around here that often. We just ‘deal’……… 1st world problems I guess…..



I feel obligated to feed and photograph birds these days.  My dad loved to watch birds.  He loved animals period.


Gwen had left over meatloaf after this pounce in the park…..


Its been 7 years since he passed.  He was incredibly sick here.  It seems like yesterday that he didn’t hurt.


If I could have begged for one thing, I would have given him a little more time to meet his grandchildren.   They missed out on meeting someone who would have shown them love like nobody could.  He would have been there holding their hand constantly.   I just wish they could have known him.  I would have given anything…

IMG_5410 copy


Today, I blogged.

Today, it snowed.



Those are my punks looking at me from the warmth of our house.  Probably wondering what the heck their nut bag of mother is doing out in the street.

Taking pictures.

With her nice camera.

Out in the snow.

Nevermind.  Who am I kidding.  They know me by now….


Max has some killer nap hair.


You see people….  When you get up at 5 every morning like Max does, you’re nap ready by 10am.

I am so blessed with two loving children that wake up at the butt crack of dawn.–insert dripping sarcasm here–

But nevermind that.  Back to the snow.


I love snow.  I love to watch it snow.  I love to walk in the snow.  I definitely love to take pictures in the snow.

I’m a confessed bird lady.  I adore watching them.



This one’s my homie.  I buy him the good stuff.


A bit snobish though….  He knew I wanted a picture and had to go and hide his face n’everything…


Its the good kind of snow The wind isn’t blowing, and its been gently falling from the sky for hours.

Yea.  Thats our backyard fence, thats held together with zip ties.  Such fine homeowners we are….


If it stops snowing, we will spend 45 minutes getting dressed to go out and play, but until then, we will bust out some crafts…

This will involve the most horrendous disaster of a mess, that I will no doubt regret almost immediately…..



But she got a pretty cool Valentines Box for her class party…


And Max couldn’t have cared less…..


Nobody got hurt during all of this…which is considered a major accomplishment around here….



But its only 3pm, and we haven’t left the house yet….

ps…I got me some new ‘wellies’


Hunter rain boots from this sweet boutique in Amarillo…Lilly Finch

Here’s the Dealio…..

I believe it was Jerry Seinfeld that said having a one year old is kind of like having a blender, but you don’t have a top to it…..he might have said two year old I don’t know, but that analogy is spot on.

I mean   s p o t…..o n….

Max Henry is almost a year and a half.  His hair is borderline blonde and he’s built like a linebacker.  His eyes are slowly turning from that beautiful blue….. to the exact shade of  moss and urine mixed together.  Just like yours truly…….

His appetite is ferocious.

His temper is anything but puny.

His wrists, well they’re under there somewhere…..

His feet are just as wide as they are long.  His toes, chubby as all get out….and  I am in love with every single one of them.

His temperament is typical toddlerish I would say  He’s not a docile little dude, that’s for sure.

A couple of weeks ago he made a long-awaited, highly anticipated transition…..

I wouldn’t really describe this as walking per say, but close enough………

He stumbles around like a drunk old man trying to make it to the toilet in time.  Lots of speed, no control.

He loves me like I’ve always imagined a boy loving his momma.

With that being said, there are a couple of things you might need to know about Max.

*you bring a mop to bathtime.  you just do.

*you keep an abundant amout of food in the house.  don’t mess around with this one.

*you keep your wireless mouse out of his damn reach.  he hides stuff.  and he hides it well.

*you keep your iphone out of his damn reach.  he destroys them. and he destructs well.

*you get open mouth kisses at very random times without warning.

*you are guaranteed to find random  pieces of trash stategically placed in very odd places in our home. ( I found a can of Pam in the dryer this morning.)

*you will laugh at his farts. or. else.

Mia loves him.

In her own Mia way.  For example, Mia is quick to get Max his passie when he’s upset….she gets the passie in his vacinity by launching it across the room in her gentle Miaesque way.

While the passie is in mid-air, we just hope her poor aiming abilities come in to play.

Doesn’t that melt your heart?

Speaking of Mia Claire….

Her Joe Bill pot belly is quickly fading away, and her smart mouth is making more frequent appearances.

However, her beautiful blues have remained intact.

She starts Kindergarten in 36 days.

She is pumped.

I am panic-striken.

I am going to continue delighting in every single summer day that remains.   I am so fortunate to have these weeks at home with our family.  Every minute I work in the flower bed, every grilled meal on the deck, every canon-ball in the pool is something I marvel in.  It’s also super rad when both offspring happen to nap simultaneously.  (well I mean its happened once)

Random thought….I love our little half-pint house.  And I am thankful for the people who inhabit it.

Why yes…… that in fact is a pink passie in Max’s mouth.  No you should not judge……

I’m making a concerted effort to be in more pictures with M&M.  Even if that means taking them myself…. in a dirty mirror…. at 8 am.

Cheers to family, final days of Summer vacation, and some fierce Colorado fishing in 2 weeks….

Around here…..

It bugs me that I haven’t posted in months.  This is my thing.  I love to blog.  Time disapears and I don’t like it.  It takes serious time to sit down and put together a post.  Pictures take time.  Pictures are what makes a blog in my opinion.  It’s been a long time….

Today I shall change that by proceding to the cool things going on latley….

Cool thing #1:

my *new* camera

Canon EOS 5D MarkII. Can you say boo-ya?

My beautiful, beloved, badass camera.  Check it… You dig?

It was a momentous purchase that has been accompanied with absolutley no regrets.  I didn’t take it out of the box for 3 days.  I didn’t trust myself to hold it, much less take the lens cap off.  I’m still drooling.

Cool thing #2:

She is five years old now.

She proudly holds the title of ‘most likely to give her parents hell.’

I think she is wonderful.

I think she is strong-willed.

I think her daddy and I have our work cut out for us.

Word on the street is, I’m paying for my raising.

I’ve always been up for a challenge.

Cool thing #2:

dimpled hineys

"Seriously mom?"

Good lookin grins…

Spunky blue eyed little boys that love their momma….

Mobile little men coming at the camera with a vengence….

thanks for the picture ms. padilla!

This is our life.  It’s messy.  It’s inefficent.  It’s unorganized. It’s relaxed and usually filled with laughter.  It’s something to be seriously thankful for.

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He’s Big.

I don’t know what else to say except HE’s BiG.

And he’s got BIG blue eyes….not from me.  Mine happen to be a pretty shade of urine yellow/green.

I’m not bitter though….

Because as he grows, he reminds me of Joe Bill (that’s my dad).

Max may of have never had the pleasure of experiencing Joe Bill’s company….

but the BELLY…..

the belly is proof.

He’s got Joe Bill’s belly.

But the belly is not the only character trait I see shining through each day…..

It’s his laugh.

And usually it’s Lauren who can coax the gut laugh right outta him with ease….

But today it was my turn.  Mia and Presley went to a friends house to play.   They went to play with their Georgie…..who is beautiful.  I just happen to have proof….

everybody knows Georgie is one of my favorite kids in the world…..

I’ve known her since she was in my Kindergarten class circa 2005…or was it 2006?….

The girl has killer freckles.

But I got off track here…..

What?!?  Freckles?!?  I got embroidery hoops up in here!

Embroidery hoops that your momma never uses….and one good lookin’ grin…

Whose grin reminds me of Joe Bill.  Through and through.

and one ‘duh’ look you must have inherited from your momma….

Sorry about that Max, I’m appaled as well…..

Genetics can be a real bitch.  But I will always love you.  Because I will always me your momma……